Social Innovation Practice

Social innovation, social entrepreneurship, or the impact economy. For profit or nonprofit. Whatever the moniker, whatever the means, a new generation of business leaders is increasingly striving for balance between profits and purpose. As the lines between nonprofits and for profits continue to blur, the country has seen rapid evolution of legal issues. Numerous states are passing legislation to create “benefit corporations” and other new legal structures that equip officers and directors with the legal tools to ensure that the social mission and profit motive can coexist.

Innovista’s lawyers have been at the forefront of the social innovation revolution for nearly a decade, helping to launch and direct one of the earliest statewide social innovation education programs. Since then, our lawyers have taught social innovation at leading universities on both coasts, advised the U.S. Department of State on a collaboration to strengthen Brazil's economic impact, worked to increase economic opportunities on the nation’s poorest Native American reservations, and now are leading the effort to launch the nation’s first School of Social Innovation. We have counseled clients--in all stages and of all sizes--on the formation of nonprofits, public benefit corporations, and the host of related issues. 

Social innovators are passionate about the change they want to see in the world. They deserve lawyers who are equally passionate, and highly skilled.

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